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King John III Sobieski crescents

Find out about their history

Kifli, croissant, simply crescent…

Is there anybody who does not recognize the buttery flavour? This baked product resembling crescent conquered our hearts long ago.
There are many myths concerning its creation. We follow the one connected with Gliwice city.

In 1683 King John III Sobieski decided to take a break with his troops in Gliwice on his way to Vienna to have the famous “Battle of Vienna”. It is one of the most important events in the history of the city and its evidence is an embedded plaque in the City Hall wall which is to commemorate the visit. There are some documents confirming the fact that during the visit, the king took part in a devotion service and witnessed consecration of Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross and two Muslims from his army were baptised at that time.

Gliwice burghers were proud and happy because of such a noble guest’s visit. They wanted to show their gratitude for the distinction and gave him many gifts. One of them were the famous baked crescents. During the above mentioned devotion service, king’s troops were given them as a treat. The shape resembles the crescent from the Turkish flag. They were being broken as a sign of defeat of Turkish regime. The traditional recipe was reactivated by confectioners and cooks at Hotel Diament Plaza Gliwice and these crescents were named after the King John III Sobieski.

King John III Sobieski crescents are baked on site using natural ingredients of highest quality, no preservatives or enhancers added. They are an ideal addition to morning coffee, a snack which can be taken to work or to compliment a lunch box on a city trip – check our Gliwice guidebook.

King John III Sobieski crescents are an excellent souvenir and yummy surprise for relatives and friends.

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Traditional recipe from 1683

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